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Kimberly Jacket
This has been selling out fast! Its a medium weight jacket with plaid detail on the inside. Favorite part is it has adjustable waist strings on inside of jacket. The perfect fall jacket to fit your perfect body. Check it out!
Elayne Flannel Plaid
Elayne Flannel Plaid comes with a removable hoodie and able to roll up the sleeves. Check it out here.
Jacki Cardigan
Soft pink cardigan with fringe along the front opening. It comes with two front pockets and a lay back collar. Get yours today here.
Zena Ruffle Top
Ruffle top with bell sleeves. Super stylish with leggings and boots this fall.
Purchase it here.


Love Junkee



October 30, 2015 by Chelsea Marie

Ways to wear your scarf

 The Low Knot Tie
Take both ends of the scarf and tie a knot at the end of the scarf.
Neck Swooping
Circle swoop the scarf around your neck, keeping your neck warm.
 Ruffle Tie
Tie the scarf up high letting it be loose and parts hang to create ruffles in the scarf
Not only do you have to wear it around your neck but you can also use your scarf as clothing too...
Create a Hat, Cardigan, Skirt, or Dress out of your scarf! Be creative and have fun!
Dazzle your scarfs with our latest Zena Ruffle Top.

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